Nub Stalkers

Not my best work, but I think it deserves a post.

I would probably like it if I could see it.

that gasmask doesnt even fit him

Well it’s just a prop, derp.
I did what I could with it.
Oh well.

then use a model that has a fitting gasmask or angle the gasmask to look like it fits him

it isnt hard

Right, let’s get this out of the way.
You’re quite fond of the dumb rating, right?
Also, if I angled the gasmask any other way it would clip, derp.

There is a tool that shrinks and grows things.

I know, I know, I just wanted to try keeping it inflator-free.

lmao jesus christ it doesnt matter if it clips if the viewer cant see the clipping

As I said, I prefer to keep things legit.
Now, what was the point of bumping this thread up again, I might ask?

That hardly makes any sense.

Well sheit, I confused myself with that one too.

What’s with the bad rating in this one, it’s far from perfect but it’s pretty great.

For my part I now realize I should have played around more with the lighting and the position of that gasmask prop.
Oh well, cardboard boxes it is for me.