Nucelar gamemode

I have an idea for a gamemode!

You’re a nucelar scientist who is going to build a nucelar reactor for City 17.
You can buy upgrades, like different reactors, nucelar fuels with different enrichments, better neutron moderators etc…

You produce power witch people in City 17 buys. For example a basic reactor produces 400 MW, witch would sell for 900 credits every 5 minutes or so.

go buy sim city 4 or cities xl exacly the same just with more posibilities

What are the challenges, and what are the goals?

Singleplayer, or what?

This gamemode is multiplayer and the goal is to upgrade to the best equipment
and have the highest highscore. You buy the modules in from the Q menu.

The modules include different water coolers, steam turbines, recators, moderators, uranium fuels.

The best upgrade for the reactor is a fusion reactor witch would need Helium3 or something like that. The second best would be a thorium reactor and so on.