Nuclear Blast.

no clever titles.



it’s meant to be someone being carbonized by a nuclear blast.

obviously, this is the last thread i’m gonna make for a while. sorry for making three but none of them really fit together, so.

[sub][sub][sub]And you’ll never hear their voices.
And you’ll never see their faces.
Never fear their reprisals anymore.[/sub][/sub][/sub]


Not bad. I like the coloring. Not what I’d normally associate with a nuclear blast, but interesting enough.

Apparently everyone else here are too much of wusses to say it’s plain and boring.

I related this to 0 effort and it doesn’t deserve any praise. You can’t be deep and ~artistic~ with garrys mod. Not with something like this at least. Frankly I could have made this in photoshop, I don’t see how this lands under the gmod category.

I’m seeing a white canvas smeared with shit, nothing else.

oh my god is that HL1 Barney

i can see his boots

this didn’t need to be made in gmod

Brilliant modern abstract piece of work.
would buy this for ten thousand bucks.

i was hardly trying to be fucking deep. it was an edit of a silly barney picture. i forgot, the original doesn’t fucking exist!

go back to being perma’d drsalvador

In my opinion, this is just a blur.

Straight forward and a bit philosophical title. A weird picture that you photoshoped to oblivion and back.
and this shit in the end of the post:

You’re definitely not deep, but you’re definitely trying.

what you are, however, is daft.

you realize that’s a quote from “two suns in the sunset” right? i thought it fit but ok

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how about we write this one off as shit, i don’t come back to this section for a while, and we let this thread quietly sink to the bottom of the page?-

If ‘‘for a while’’ a while means ‘‘never’’ I’m fine with that.

Oh man, you’re full of excuses.

Lol all of you people bitch and moan too much