Nuclear Dawn Map port progress Thread


So I have been working on trying to port some of the maps from nuclear dawn for months now, and I finally got into getting a successful port for one of the maps. a New York City map from Nuclear Dawn. It required some things be removed and a lot of rearranging but this is my progress of it so far.

New York:



Next map on the list: oasis

so far it works pretty well except for some texture fixes I need to work on, and trying to reduce some lag when looking at a specific direction of the map. Im workin on it and any help would be useful. Any advice on how to reduce lag would be helpful. Thanks!

You are a deity.

lol well thank you sir! Hopefully soon i will release the map if i can get compiling and packing issues dealt with. otherwise maybe ill work on the other maps and make a release pack like with the postal III map ports release a long time ago.

Very Nice ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you think you could possibly also port over the building structure later on ? (from the gameplay i mean not the map stuff )

But yes finally a big city looking map …sure its destroyed but its a start :smiley:

Delish. Those screens from Source or am I just stupid?

youre just stupid

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Yeah, they’re from Source.

Have you ever played on that map? It’s really not that big. And you can’t enter most of the buildings.
Don’t really see what you could use it for… maybe TTT or a pose/build map. It’s too linear for any real exploration or rp.

ya thats what i was going for mostly with the pose/build, and machinima. maybe TTT and some other game modes but im not sure yet.

unfortunately i have to work on some of the lag issues due to the many props. im going to work on that soon hopefully.

Just set a fade distance to the props that are behind buildings/unseen until they are discovered, etc.

more updates


Any release date? or are gonna finish it when you finish it, because those look great.

That is one sexy subway. Awesome work there.

Please release them soon. They look amazing!

Did you port the model’s from Nuclear Dawn or are they custom? I really like them.

By the way, they added the source to metro in the sdk content. It could be used for improvments.

awesome! :slight_smile:

More updates


im going to release hopefully the first 3 soon and add more maps through a map port thread.

yes the models were from Nuclear Dawn. i used the same method to port them as i would for the l4d and l4d2 maps, and p3 maps.


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postal 3