Nuclear Explosion at Bad Guys Lair

So I’m working on my video, and I thought I’d throw together the last scene where a nuclear explosion takes out the bad guy and his lair.


Simply speaking. It doesn’t look interesting. its just a nuke on freespace.

The beginnings ok but as soon as the smoke clears and you see everythings still standing it’s a bit “wat”

Yeah, its pretty much that with a bunch of filters, but I added lots of debris for the nuke to throw around though.

Well, nukes can’t destroy the map. I’ll see if maybe I could add in an overlay to make it look like it was destroyed.

couldn’t you just build a lair out of props and destroy it? i’m sure that would both look better and fulfill what you’re trying to get at. you could have it fade to white mid-flash and then fade out to another map with a crater or something in it.

and cool at the start+shockwave

Fade out at O:10

you could no collide the nuke before it goes off with the camera and adv dupe it to a desert map.

Film both the city nuke, and the desert nuke, and then in editing, simply fade the two scenes when the nuke explosion is filling the screen =D

That’s a good idea – let the viewer imagine what it would look like after the blast. Thanks king.

:stuck_out_tongue: glad to have helped.

Thats Sarcasm, right?

… right? @_@;;

No, I was serious. If I cut the video in time, the viewer wont see the aftermath, and I could use that part of the audio for the beginning of the credits. I think it would be a good transition.

Don’t worry about it Vicious, your car will make it out of the explosion safely :slight_smile:

Aaw xD I thought the desert fade out would be pretty nifty… shrug

It would, but at this point, if I add anymore onto what I’m already doing, I think I’m going to lose my damn mind.

I’ve still got over a minute of footage left to create, and in five days I’ve added 12 shots worth 14 seconds, and I’m already past the end of my storyboard, plus my motivation is shot. I think I need a break :frowning:

xD it sounds like you’ve gone and overexerted yourself. Have some koolaide.