Nuclear-Gaming LiteRP

[NUKE] LiteRP|Custom Jobs|Wire|PHX|FastDL

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We are currently running rp_downtown_v2_fiend_v2b untill we finish our map.
You can Visit us at to see our progress.

We are also looking for a nice team of Lua Devs, maybe one or two. If you would like to help, PM me. Thanks.
(We currently have one basic/intermediate GLua dev.)

Here is a list of all our jobs starting with the default ones first:
Police (Custom models)
Mob boss (Custom model)
Gun Dealer
Police Chief (Custom model)
Drug Dealer
Security Guard
Black Market Dealer

Wire Extras
Advanced Dupe (Donator)
Durgz Mod 2.2 (Cigarette exploit does not work)
Money Detector
No Collide Multi
Fading Door

So i didn’t want to make a huge spoiler thread,
since the best way to find out if you like a
server is to just join. Click here to view our full server list.

By the way if you think roleplay does not require Phx3 or Wiremod then gtfo pl0x.

Troll comment removed because I was an ass ^^

No i am 19, why would that relate to me being 12. Some people flame/troll because they do not like the idea of roleplay having Wiremod and Phx3. This must make you one of those 12 year old trolls.

No I don’t roleplay at all really anymore, I realised its a strange thing to do when you have the real world outside your window
Still your server looks popular according to the game tracker. So well done and good luck with it

Thanks for the positive feedback. We try and make the players happy as best we can.

Cool :slight_smile:
Sorry about earlier and in that other thread. I just had a bad day and decided to take it out on people here for some reason D:

No hard feelings dude. Facepunch can bring out the beast in you sometimes xD.

Hacksore rocks. Server is ok. Sadly, the playerbase sucks.

Finally a DarkRP that has lite in the server name instead of serious.

Imho there is no way in hell you could call DarkRP serious. Our server has some realistic things but I would never consider it serious. For once I have something positive from Dino Penis xD.