Nuclear Winter

I like it. His eyes are kinda weird, though.

Eh, I wanted it to seem like they were squinting. But Face posing on those guys are terribad.

***Patrolling the Mohave … ***

But seriously it looks good

I feel like I left this area too plain. Should I go back in and add something?

Pretty cool picture.

It could be cooler if you zoomed in more and had gotten rid of the fish eye effect, especially with that sweet angle you got.

Oh and it could use more colors.

That’s profiling, and that’s offensive.

Looks cold, very nice!

nice snow editing technique!


I’m really fond of the snow and overall edit here, nice job. As for the posing, could use some work. The gun especially, it’s pointed too far back in my opinion. The weapons barrel seldomly points behind the person holding it. It makes the hand posing look awkward, and stiff. My suggestion is to have him interacting with the snow/environment as much as possible. He could be holding the gun with one hand/arm while is other arm is out; covering his face from the snow/wind. But that’s just my suggestion! You could have built the background and foreground with more props but doesn’t take too much away from the overall scene.

Nice job, I do really like it. Haven’t seen too many of your pictures recently but I think your poses are getting better and better, keep it up!

Thank you!

Hand and eye posing, as well as the way he holds the weapon in general should of been tweaked a bit. Otherwise I really like the atmosphere and scenery.

Some of the best snow effects I’ve seen!