some rocks and shrubs here and there would make the scenery more interesting.

a working perspective and/or illusion of distance coupled with some bloom and atmospheric post-processing would’ve redeemed that absolutely awful grainy explosion copypaste a little, but there’s not even the slightest visible hint that the mushroom is miles away rather than straight in their faces

I know, that’s why I’m not satisfied at all.

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I still wonder why I made a thread for it in the first place.

Also, that’s totally not how a nuclear bomb explosion would look in the desert. You should have made it sand/gray, like in the movie.

Annnnnnd now they’re all blind…

Well first and foremost the explosion you used is awful. It’s also way too bright compared the the environment plus it’s orange and white colored, so why is it giving off red light? I’d expect more of a bright white light. Also assuming it just went off, wouldn’t they still be in their trenches? Like Joazzz said, the biggest problem is the scale since they all look like they’re part of a shoebox diorama.


Made a new thread with improved version