Nude alex


I want to request a nude alyx.
None of the ones I found works.
Maybe you can help me and get them working, but I need them for a vid…
Please help me…

Psh, you misspelled Alyx in the title.

Anyway, FakeFactory_CM4_models_4 pack has enough nude Alyx skins to kill a man.

Ooh, bad time to be needing those. All the nude models were wiped from a week ago or so.

Try googling around for “Cinematic Mod”. It should bring you to the original source for most of them. You might have to do some work to get in into GMod, but it’s probably the best way right now.

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They don’t work, can you help me with getting it work?
I only see pink/black checkerboards when I spawn 1 of them, and they cause amazing lags.


I did do that, but, that is the pack I downloaded, and I only see pink/black checkerboards


Btw, they have to be PLAYER models, so you have to be able to be one.

Well, then you’re shit out of luck.

I don’t think anyone has made any nude alyx player models.

Can you try to find out?

No one did.

Hard to make / create one out of the characters which already exist?


A other nude girl is good too.
It has to look like a normal woman that lives in a house.
So, not a warmachine with big tits, just a normal female model with boobies.
I gonna make a vid with mario robbing a woman that’s naked in her shower :3

Find out yourself. That’s what you do with this thing called Internet.

There are no nude player models because no one needs a nude player model.
It’s useless, you can’t use it on any of the servers and a huge part of the community dislikes nude models. (Personally though, I don’t know why.)

Sounds quite silly and frankly a waste of time.

Besides, you’re 14 and not allowed to use the nude stuff anyway.

This is my answer

Good luck.

No one that has a nude player model?

i dont think anyone is going to. you can tell by the previous post no one wants to, so no one is going to probably. anyway, movies that have non-ragdoll movements SUCK. you either have to be holding a gun or have your arms spread apart for the characters. just be patient and do it good.