Nude Alyx(Elexis)Addon!

This is Nude Alyx(Or Elexis) addon.Not re-skin!
Original models:
Soon will come the second addon(New model)

Yeah, no, give pics of the actual god damn model.

Whats new about this? It’s just an addon not a new model or anything so I don’t get why it’s so important that it needs a thread.

I like how you know nothing.

Thanks. I’m lazy to go onto the actual download to see its crap that’s inside the zip sorry.

This is at least seven types of retarded.

  1. Image is ludicrously small.
  2. Alyx Vance and Elexis Sinclaire are completely different characters from completely different games.
  3. This has been around for ages.
  4. Porn is banned on Soon, so will you.
  5. Yes, this is, in fact, a reskin. It’s just hexed.
  6. The one you linked as “Original” is, as far as I can tell, identical to yours.
  7. The spacebar. Use it.