Nude Alyx


You could just try this

Does anyone have a link to my request?

Easiest answer would be to try to find it yourself, yes. But you can also ask Fakefactory at

I was serious.
It’s fairly obvious why you want this, so why not just follow that link and be done with it?

Try some of these (can’t remember exactly which one has nude Alyx):

Thats what having a girlfriend is for… oh wait…


Cough NIKE:Just do it

how come every time someone requests something nude they request for people not to be a troll about their request?

Because people are being huge douches when someone wants a nude model. They see it as pathetic as they have girlfriends and they don’t.

But you could still request a nude model even though you have a girlfriend. Some just don’t think that is possible.

When did I bring up girlfriends?
I just suggested porn instead.

What other use would you have for a nude model?

I would say artistic nude but we all know it isnt that, so yeah I suggest porn site to

I have a girlfriend, and just to prove a point here, I would also like a nude vortigaunt.


Actually it is that. I’m making a video of Gmod poses and one of them is Alyx posing on a table. Her arm will be blocking her Breasts and her Legs will be blocking her vagina. I put “Nice Ass. Nice Pussy.” Because sense there are so many perverts in Gmod, there must be a few with the link I want.

A gmod video? dont tell me… its a rap video, and don’t assume so much, if you simply needed her nude causes shes covering those parts anyway… does it really matter what model you use? has ike 50 different links