Nude Chell Skin Request

I haven’t seen one anywhere, so I’m requesting a nude Chell model here. So yeah. Also, I’d like it if it’s not a boring headhack of Chell’s head onto nude Alyx’s body

chell looks like a dude

so true

Chell is disgustingly ugly.


If you’re going to request nudes, can you at least request hot ones? There’s MALE characters out there that look more like hot chicks than Chell.

the person she is based off is pretty banging IMO

Wait, wasn’t Chell’s design based off the same person as Zoey?

I’m still surprised nobody’s made one yet. Not even a topless model? Seriously?

Saying you want a nude Chell is like me saying “Hey, lets make a meatspin model!”

That’s the point of making the face/head look better.