Nude chell?

I request this.

Why would anyone want a nude Chell?, it’s bad enough we have a Nude Rochelle.

I agree with Sonic Fan. Can you at least give us a common sense usage?

People can request whatever they want, they dont need a reason for doing so.

Good luck in this request!

I support this.

Why would you need a nude model?
To do you’re sex poses to fap at?

Most likely.
*mental image…

I see a trend: Its perfectly OK to make white nude models and anime shit, but if its a minority, then everyone goes EWW FUCK NO NIGGAS.

Sadly yes. People may think it isn’t as racist as it was 60 years back but it is all equally the same in different terms.

Have a rainbow.

That just gave me a great idea!Replace Rochelle in L4D2 with Chell from Portal!!1

What’s the problem though? It’s not like you have to download it.

I’m not gay. >:(
Shes butt ugly. Im not going to look at some butt ugly bitch.

Nobody Gives A Shit.

If you knew how to reskin, you could possibly give her makeup.

(fun fact; “makeup” is how some girls make themselves look good. Chelle isn’t that pretty because she has no makeup.)

Valve should repackage portal, and just call it

Portal:With Tits

Don’t bunt into the conversation… Its rude! :slight_smile:

I support this idea. Sounds like some badass fap.

This “makeup” sounds like some kind of poison.

But I totally agree with this thread, should be made. I mean come on, if there is a nude witch, why not a nude chell? I prefer living to dead anyways.

Why has nobody made this yet? It’s not like you have to freaking download it. If you don’t like something in a download, then either get rid of it or just don’t download it!
The point is, we have a nude for everything (Except maybe Spitter or Boomette, but nobody really wants that), Portal is nearly four years old and Portal 2 is on the way, so it’s really surprising that nobody has done this yet…