Nude Citizens

There is a Nude zoey,Nude alex, and soon nude jill valentine…
I think the Citizens should have nude models by now.

Zoey, Alyx, Jill = Hawt

HL2 Female Citizens = …

Theres even a NUDE WITCH AND BOOMMER!! tell me are they HAWT???

Well, the witch is… xD

But yeah, you got me there x___x

Spitter is not hot.
End of Story.

So will anyone make Nude citizens?

The Si were simply reskinnedd to look nude, the other female characters got a fullll nude model, give the civvies some time out, alright?


There’s even a nude witch without a penis. :v:

(In case you’re unaware)

So is anyone willing to make a nude skins of the Citizens?

Yes, please do this. Or at least do female_02.

Kinda weird bump?