Nude Ellis

Requesting a nude Ellis model for sex poses and whatnot. Also would it be possible for the penis to have ragdoll physics?


This is based on a dream I has last night (not gay)


Also, could you make a headless version. Thanks.


Oh this is going to be some creepy shit.


I for one support this. (But not the headless version)

I assume that you want this headless one so that you can shoop other heads on, and not for some disturbing guro poses.

This has already been requested before

Lol no, I had a dream a few days ago that there was Nick and Ellis lying dead in a pool of blood and Ellis has no head.

I’m no pervert, it’s just how the dream went.

Ahahah. Been requested - don’t expect this to get done

you know i am left speechless…in a horrible way im just closing this tab…now

Why in the fuck nude ellis!

this was… unexpected

You’d need to find a modeller who isn’t bothered by seeing male genitalia.

When you read this part. Then you know when to press your back button.

If you are having dreams of naked men, then it IS gay.:l

Find the guy who did the TF2 nudes.

Pyro Spiked strap-on.

Fixed. Shes busy, so don’t bother.

Nice bump.

bitch stealing my thunder! I was the one who asked for that on the nude rochelle thread! Ugh! Crazy mofo!

I say no to this its just wrong!