Nude Gordon.

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I understand now that it was photoshopped, Thanks for saying, But now, Can we have this as what is the best Gordon Model?

It was photoshopped.

That would be the end of the world if someone made a nude Gordon. Valve would send the Shit storm.

I tried once.

Didn’t turn out well.

In any case i hope no one uses Onemanshow’s Gordon for this, the head model/texture SUCKS. even his V2 of it. Stupid TF2 Reject.

Use Kathar’s or Romka’s instead. :biggrin:

Link to Romka’s?

And personally, I like Onemanshow’s one. Some people have good views, Some bad.

VALVe:Send the Assassins

How about a Real clothed and/or armored Gordon Freeman Model first (a model replacement for Half-Life 2 instead of the floaty hands thing).