Nude Jill Valentine


I think it’s time to forget about Jill. I have quit doing this shit.


Drebin 221

Special thanks to.

eldesgraciado/TheWretched He is one of the few people that actually did something. Kudos to him. :smiley:
Stan For cheering me up :slight_smile:
Mariokart64n Taking his time to teach me 3Ds max.



Could we get a clearer shot? It’s kinda hard to gauge the quality in an angle and lighting such as this. :\

The quality’s perfect, but I guess I could conjur up another one…

I’m afraid no image hosting site would allow any clear shot of boobies for so long.

what have you done to jill… she has a D cup now haha

I can’t quite tell, is it just a texture mod, or did you actually modify the model and give her proper breasts? I’m assuming the latter because of the ‘jigglebones’ comment?

That’s pretty cool, though the texture used could probably be a tad better :slight_smile:

Yeah, the textures used were quite low res, but it’s all we had to work with… it was difficult to find textures elsewhere :slight_smile:


What’s wrong with the texture? We used this one.


That’s hot, but yeah the boobs look weird.

Well when I saw “nude” I thought she was completely “nude” not just her boobs showing…
Also wasn’t she a C cup in re1 remake?

Didn’t you read the main post? I will make 4 different nude versions of her.

I am working on the completely nude one as we speak. :smiley:

She is D cup in my mind. :frowning:

Imageshack doesn’t like titties :wink:

Haha, dang. XD

D cup’s fine with me. :smug:

Any cup’s fine so long as there’s nothing blocking the magnificent view. :q:

Does anyone know a image hosting site that allows Nudity? To tag some images. ;D

Photoshack? Deviantart?

I downloaded it and tested in-game because all your screenshots looked like you simply brushed a breast-texture over her chest.
It is a real model, i’ll give you that but the texture looks too much streched and her breast are not so beautiful round. They had some sharp edges. Not to mention they’re too big. The straps of her neck-armor clipped right through.

Lets see, how you manage the full-nude version, but honestly:
If i could judge from this one, i have a doubt it’s going to be better, if you keep on using this without improving.

bloocobalt worked on something similar.

I asked him some months ago about his progress but if i read corectly, he lost most of his WIPs during a system crash.