Nude Talim/Sophitia from Soul Calibur?

I dont really care which Soul Calibur you get them from, but the Soul Calibur 2 models were real nice, maybe the Soul Calibur 4 models if you could possibly do it

Noticed there isnt any nude Soul Calibur girls so why not Talim or Sophitia?

Just saying, maybe someone could eventually release them? :smiley:

Why is it that every time I’m on this section I see a nude request? God some people are pervs.

You must be 12 years old.

Talim was 15 years old in soul calibur 2

So Basically, The Maker of this is a Pedo? :3 :quagmire:

So basically, you just bumped a month old thread for no reason whatsoever.

Now leave.

so basically, you can’t count because it’s a 6 month old thread >:)