Nude Teen Model

I’ve got some stuff, who wants it?

Images from the model:

Texture quality is 2K or something like that, i’ll add a link if someone requests for it.

rastafan? is that you?

good god her head looks like pudding

are you a pedrofile, is this legal??

that face tho

looks like a TF2 character

No i am not a pedrofile, why would i be? I didn’t say it’s underage or some shit like that, i said it’s teen.

i can only get aroused by pedro

he’s very sexy

5/7 chance this is pedrophillic

Looks like a 40-year-old teen.


Nice work=)

If you’re gonna release it, just go to DigitalEro.

OPree is a pedropile

fror your hrealth

(User was banned for this post ("Reaction image" - Craptasket))

what happened to him anyway?

He’s still on DigitalEro.
N-Not that I’d know!

Okay thanks, i thought there would be someone who wants stuff like this.

edit: wow dude, digitalero has some cool shit :v:

He requested a perma because people didn’t like his sex poses/sex jokes in Troll pose thread.(Along with the fact that he kept shit posting there too, and people got annoyed by it)

Facepunch, purge the digitalero user.

Oh joy, you managed to press the ‘export’ button in Fuse.

Boy that supposed teen sure does have a botched face-lift.