Nude Zoey model

Hi all,
I’m looking for a model for Gmod. It is nude Zoey, but not the ravaged one ( ) I have gone through the forums and found info and all on the model in the link, or something similar, but all of the download links are dead. I think it used to be on but got deleted. Anyway, I know this is old but I’ve looked and looked so if anyone has it, thanks.

A bit more descriptive title next time, thanks.

The Zoey in that image was shopped.

omg not another one :frowning:

That image was done by deflating Alyx’s head and placing zoey on

K sure thing admin.
Yeah I knew that those fully nude ones were done with the deflator but from reading the older threads I got the impression that someone actually made the nude model. Besides, how do you superimpose something (in this case the head) onto something else like that?

Everyone wants to fap when fighting zombies? Not when a zombie bites yer dick off. :ohdear:

Not so much fighting zombies as much as dicking with Gmod.

I see what you did thar