Nudity Censor for Experimental Branch? And other questions.

So it’s pretty obvious we have a minimal one around the crotch area, but is there a censor like in the old rust that slips a pair of basic pants on? Just having a blurred out area really isn’t enough in my household, as I have a younger sibling and I play in a relatively public space.

It’s admittedly awkward to play this new version without finding someone else’s ass in your face.

In other questions, I have no video settings or options, and the game is running at the lowest possible settings on my computer, which can play any other game on high or ultra just fine. It seems a bit silly that I can’t get the nice flowing grass and landscapes in 1920x1080 along with high polygon models. Yes, my settings were on Fantastic/Beautiful. It just won’t run like it should.

The pants were a stopgap solution to the censorship mosaic having a bug where it wasn’t occluding behind walls, which meant you could see the blur through walls. Until the ESPenis effect was fixed, green pants were the default censor. The new sky system freed up a render camera, which meant the blur would occlude properly and stop giving away your presence through walls and hills. So, doubtful unless garry were to make a client option for how censored you want your censorship.

F2 is the button to bring up graphics settings for Experimental. It’s also silly to compare performance in a build that’s only four months old against released, polished games. Optimization is one of the last steps.

Thanks for your help, and I don’t expect superb optimization, just the ability to change those graphics settings.

I too would like at least the option to censor the nudity in the game, as my computer is in the living room. Though my wife don’t mind the male nudity I do mind myself as I get enough male nudity at the change room at the gym. I really don’t need it in my games as well :v:

I too hope they put pants as a censor back in the game.

I don’t play in a too open area, but I’ve actually had someone walk in on me playing experimental, and it’s really hard to explain whats going on without looking guilty. :wink:

How is it hard to explain lol, “It’s a survival game you start off naked, If I want pants I need to kill an animal and craft some clothes”.

It was here for like a month. Type “censornudity 1” in console.

Ah, missed your point about pants but squared box still works though.

I agree. Graphic head smashing with a rock is totally fine, as long as neither the murderer or murder victim is naked. That’s over the line. We are, after all, civilized people.

I really don’t understand why people are so afraid of the human body. It’s 100% natural, we were all born with one, and it has been that way for millions of years.

I still find it totally twisted that people will quite happily let their children watch murder on TV, a person shooting another person in the head, or beating them to death, but freak out if their child sees nudity. Which one is going to turn Little Johnny into a sociopath? No wonder society is so screwed…

Garry is not responsible for people who think they have to play adult games in front of their kids.
And even if you do why is nudity the problem here? Who is there in your household? Younger people? Kids? I expect kids to know that men have penises.

It’s just so pathetic. What are you afraid of? When a kid asks you “why are there naked men in the game?” you just respond with “cause they haven’t crafted pants yet or they just want to be naked. It’s a game, there you can do things you wouldn’t do IRL”.
Bam. Good parenting. Why isn’t that an option for you?

It’s just a penis.

Obviously not a parent^

Explaining to your 3 year old daughter that it’s just a game and all men have penises isn’t as easy as you make it. It also doesn’t explain what they tell their day care counselor, the other 3 year olds, or teacher. “My mommy plays a game and all the guys are naked with penises.”

And yes, kids talk about what their parents do all the time. So it may be pathetic to you, but it’s common sense to me that starting with pants should be an on/off server toggle.

A toggle setting would be nice. I find it so pathetic people literally fight for options NOT to be added to the game rather than being okay with a toggle switch so they can enjoy all the penis they want. Adding options such as maps, default pants per server doesn’t affect anyone in any way, other than they just want to force others to deal with things they have no interest in dealing with. If you like seeing penis, leave it on.

You can say what you want but after all you say it’s OK to play adult games in front of kids and you obviously don’t mind when the kids say something like “My mommy plays a game where you beat people to death with a stone”.
I’m 26 and when I finish this god damn bachelor thesis it won’t last too long to have my own kids I guess. And I will totally tell my young daughter that all men have penises. Nothing wrong with that. As a man you pee with that. But I wouldn’t play Rust or similar games in front of kids.

The point here is: It may be just ONE more option. But as I stated I think a dev shouldn’t be responsible for how you manage your life.
Or in other words: I absolutely hate it when people delegate their responsibility.

We have a 26 year old kid in the house that knows nothing of being a parent which explains his responses.

You have to draw the line somewhere and my 5 year old doesn’t need to see nudity yet. She doesn’t need to see murder either. Then again I don’t play this game when she can watch. I play it while she is sleeping.

the whole child-raising methods thing is a side issue really guys. there is no harm to players who don’t want to use it in providing a censor toggle for those who wish to hide the wangs; whether from 5 year olds or themselves is beside the point.

i agree that a penis is a natural thing. same with everything else on the human body, male or female. doesn’t mean everyone wants to show it, or see it.

Can’t you just simply close the door and not let your children see you? My mom did that, and god knows what she does on the computer. Anyway, its a penis, some people don’t mind, while others loose their shit over it. If people want to censor it then i have no problem with it.

Agree 100% with asphantix. It’s an adult game. If your child is old enough to watch you beat another person to death with a rock, then they are also old enough to know about penises. If they are too young to deal with the human body, then they are too young for murder too, and shouldn’t be watching Rust.

Bachelor thesis? LOL stfu.

People getting educated and stuff. The horror! But I can reassure you that it’s not about pedagogics :wink:

I personally really don’t care either way; whether they have pants or not, if they walk near my base they get the same treatment xD

But really, the censorship command still works as far as my knowledge. Sometimes I turn it on, other times I don’t really care. I don’t get why people are so defensive for either option personally, especially nudity on, lol. Some people just want to have some sophistication and decency while they shoot unsuspecting nakeds gathering from a resource node.

I feel really annoyed at many people on this kind of thread. Almost everyone who is here seems legitimately opposed without a good reason, and there are only a small handful of people who actually want the pants censor.

Thing is, people have their own situations. Whether they themselves don’t want all the nudity, or they don’t want other people (primarily children) seeing it, it does not matter, they don’t want it either way. There is no reason to be opposed to someone wanting a pants-style censor. I know from coding experience that it would not take very long to add a simple option like that.

Also, if you don’t have a legitimate response to the question the person is asking, don’t reply by saying “Why do you care? Its fine, people should know…” The point is, he/she DOES care, so why are you trying to argue with whether or not they should? The point of this thread is to ask if there is an option for a nudity censor with pants, not anything else.

Another point is this: People who say that kids should know about all that stuff most of the time are not parents, believe me, I know. @Thelionnessa understands what I’m saying. Don’t argue with people who are parents over how a child should be raised, if you have not had some experience yourself.

I know that I, along with quite a few others, don’t even play the game because of a lack of this option.

Overall, my point is this: Why make make a fuss, like you guys are, over an option that won’t even affect you, or make even a tiny bit of a difference? People want it, and for most people in this case, no matter what you say is not going to change their opinion on the matter. So please, please be helpful to the community and if you disagree, then simply don’t reply.

Thank you @Outback for not being annoying to all the people who do want a censor like this.
Thank you @Thelionnessa. These people do not understand.
Thank you @Mrknifey for being the kind of people that repair the community by being sensible.
And, thank you to all the other people who agree with me on this matter.