dlete this thread.getting shits here,i’m just saying and everyone went fked up

Promoting the most basic form of society.

No clothing represents the basics of society, being dropped with sweet fuck all onto an island and being told to survive.

Also, this makes you sound 12.

lol he sed dick

“Disgusting”? Jesus it’s natural…

“promoting nudity”

hahah what


Don’t know bout’s a game

The words, my mouth. I’m laughing so hard right now. EW, SHE HAS COOTIES.

If female characters are introduced, you will find people afk in-game. Fantasizing over their character ofcourse lol.

Nudity is always natural, the only reason we don’t see it is because people tend to be covered up with clothes. This isn’t that kind of game I suppose.

so? that doesn’t make it immoral or something, what are you even trying to say

oh shit,this thread is gonna be a flame war,holy

you make an awful thread and then when people call you out for being dumb you say it’s “gonna be a flame war”

add females! with huge bouncing tartars! :quagmire::quagmire::quagmire:

Hey fuck you i am 12 :suicide:

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God Damn it Bobby

You act like it’s our fault.

I agree it is a bit… unsettling to have a naked guy run at you, yet I like the cavemen like aspect of starting out. Couldn’t we compromise and go for a loin cloth?

Maybe when u see ur first nekkid girl you will change ur mind

I really don’t understand why people are making such a big deal out of this. It’s not sexual one bit and the only time I ever actually looked at the character junk was the first day it was out. And I mean if you are seeing the dick then that means there is a person right in front of you or a corpse. Either way you wouldn’t be distracted by a penis since you might be trying to shoot the opponent or loot his bag.