Is there still no option to turn off nudity, as in add pants by default? Playing a game filled with penises or blurred out penises is not accepted in my house, you could say. I haven’t played in a while.

your family is weird

Yeah… if I were you I would get out of that household ASAP. Sounds like a shitty time without pens hanging round erry where.

When you’re in game: Press F2 - scroll to the bottom - Check censor nudity - And you’re done.

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Oh nevermind. I read that you don’t want blurred out penises. I agree with Lucrid then, your family is weird. Seek help.

I don’t like the Blur Either, I would rather have customizable Loin Clothes.

You could get loin clothes as you play the game, like unlock them, or make your own on the workshop.

or use your Steam Avatar on your loin Cloth.

It’s a better censorship option than blur, blur looks dumb.

you should be able to place a single piece of cloth in your clothing slots, and that will give you an underwear.

i don’t think their should be a censor either. just penises all over the place. half the population have them, we need to relax a bit.

but to answer the op; no, the censor has replaced the pants of legacy. there are no plans afaik to undo that and add default pants. just make some burlap ones.

@neel: what, do you really have an issue with penises? they are just a lump of tissue used for pissing and fucking, no more interesting or perverse than a finger or an ear. our society makes them out to be more than that, and it’s ridiculous.

People get way too bent out of shape over nudity in general. I honestly don’t see the big deal.

The reason legacy used pants is because it did actually have just a penis blur. The problem is that the sky system uses up an additional Unity render camera, and because of that, there were no spare render cameras to work out object occlusion on the penis blur.

No occlusion on the penis mosaic means the blur would show through walls and other obstacles. ESPenis. To combat that, pants.

The new version of Rust uses a much better sky (programmed by Andre) and doesn’t need the extra render camera, so it’s back to the way it was intended.

My family is hardly weird. Yes, weird in the regard that my dad wont let me put my computer— which makes sense considering I am a 15 year old boy— in my room. But considering I have a 9 and 11 year old sister and my computer is in a very public area, AND considering the disgusting, terrible thing society has come to regard as the penis, it would be best if there was just an option to have everyone wearing some cheap pants. I don’t personally have any problem with the penis, just that it can’t be where I am xD

Part of Rust’s novelty is the amount of big floppy penises everywhere.

Do they not get mad at you smashing a guys head in with a rock, but a little blurred out penis is a big deal?

The game is not intended to be family-friendly. Play a different game or play when your family isn’t around. Or else get some cloth and find burlap pants quickly.

still your family is really weird… if you are 15 and they dont let you play adult games… just dont play them lol penis vaginas boobs ass and all of that stuff is part of humanity theres nothing wrong with that…

my 3 year old begs me to play Rust so that she can see the ‘bum bum’ (3rd person perspective) lol

well for what it’s worth, the censor stops you seeing the penis anyway.

i agree that rust is probably not appropriate to play in front of your 9 and 11 year old sisters, but for more reasons that the penis; you bash people to death, eat their meat, and the number of idiots running around spamming their mic with racist/sexist/crude things are probably enough reasons for your family to be made uncomfortable. you should probably play it only when they aren’t around, but yeah finding pants is still the best solution i can suggest.

I would like to point out that if you enter your age as anything less than 17 on the store page, you’re greeted with this:

It’s not going to change because fifteen year olds’ parents are getting upset. In fact, I’m glad they’re here. It serves as a great deterrent to parents contemplating buying this game for a squeaker, since for some reason nudity is considered extremely taboo in comparison to the regular blood and gore you get in other games.

I was born in 1955 though

You’re not old enough to be playing this game, and if your dad should be mad at anything it’s letting you trick him into allowing you to own it.

As I said previously, people get far too bent out of shape over nudity. My 15 year old son plays Rust, and I have no problem with that whatsoever. I don’t see the point in shaming the human body and never have. We all have one. A dick is a dick. Every guy has one. I’m equally for having female characters in game and do hope they add some soon.

My 14 and 15 year olds play rust, with my permission. It is just a Penis, and they are here in the “man cave” with me, so I can monitor both their behavior, and that of folks online in regard to them.

I do understand what you are saying OP. but you are 15, and the game is 18+, very much advertised as such, and you need to get past the Steam age verification to purchase or look at anything concerning the game.

It seems to me the change needs to be on your end. Stop playing games your parents do not permit.

And we have a winner.