Nuke 4

The story is that after the gbomb’s series which in my opinion are not that good, I thought that it will be good to make a real nuke 4, than those 5 minute edit’s that can be found on
Good thing is that I’m quite good with making effects as you can see on my youtube profile, but the bad thing is that I can’t code for shit in lua.
Now the idea is to take Teta Bonita’s code, and add mine effects which are currently in development.
It’s not going to be that cool like Jinto’s nuke, but hey it’s always something and nuke 3 effects are getting old. With ep2 textures or even with custom one’s we can get better results.
The problem is, that Teta Bonita’s last post is from 2008, and I highly doubt that he will respond to my question about permission to use his code.
You’ll ask, why Teta’s nuke base? Because it is pretty much perfect. We have different particles for when the nuke detonates in air, and on the ground. Not sure about the water. The damage and shockwave is great too, not telling about vaporising people.

I would probably ask now how you guys want this nuke to look like, but I think it won’t be a good idea, since everyone imagines nuke differently.
So I’m waiting till Teta’s response and then I’m getting to the work with effects.
You can post your wishes or requests, but really don’t get your ideas from the moon :slight_smile:
And know, that not every request/idea will be automaticaly included, I’m just seeking idea’s about the nuke look.

Let’s see your work so far, and what you can do.

I agree above…
the already Nuke looks real good,
but i,dislike it cause its pretty blocky in certain parts
(aka,start of nuke,smoke going slow like a cow)

Are you telling me that you’re quite good at making effects for GMod but don’t know how to code in Lua? applauds

I think I’ve misunderstood something, if not… god help us all.

I think the cloud should look more realistic. The explosion in the beginning (Bright glare, ect) is great, but how about changeing it so the explosion looks a lot like the on in phys_temple?

I’ve said that I’m good with making effects, and gmod is not primary game that I’m modding.
And I don’t know how to code such things like nuke damage and all this advanced shit.
But as you can see from gbombs I can make something.
As for the work, I might split up a video of current effects when I’ll fix flare’s problem.

Also my nuke is pretty much the shape of Jinto’s and phys_temple’s one.
It’s using ep2 textures at the moment, but I consider using other one’s since I have whole 200 mb texture pack.

Yay. A new nuke just in time for my new computer :dance:

It would be cool to see it detect shield’s from like stargate addon :slight_smile:

Hmm. I was thinking of designing my own nuke, highly optimized, so there wouldn’t be much of a difference between nuking a server and punting an explosive barrel. (Particle effects are a given lag spike.)

I personally like the explosion from Watchmen. Just saw it yesterday. Would be a nice effect, given the smoke ring which is different, near the center of the mushroom.

He can’t make gmod effects and he can’t code so how is he going to pull this off?

Natural Skills? How the fuck do we know?

Ask the Lua gods, then sacrifice a few NPCs.

It’s the only way…

the best thing from this is the redeemer where you can control the rocket… but i want it as a normal weapon which makes normal dmg

Go download tactical weapons back and stop posting in a nuke thread.

what is/are tactical weapons (back/pack)…
i found it but that are just bullet shooting weapons no explosives


Working with particles is not easy in gmod. If you don’t know how to code lua, you’re not gonna have a dream nuke built from the ground for at least a year if not a lot more.

Nuke 4 was not my dream nuke, sort of close, but not there.

Teta usually doesn’t care if people use his code; I say just go ahead and use it. Or not… his code is kindof confusing. D: