Nuke Everything Help

Hey guys, I’m sure at one point we have all played a round of ZE in CS:S, and gotten to the end of the map and pressed “the button”. This button kills everything that isn’t in the safe room, or safe area. How do I do this in hammer?

And on a side note, There are many, many water textures that I haven’t tried using yet. Does anyone have a good one for an ocean or large body of water? ( I don’t want to be able to see the bottom! )

Create an entity “trigger_hurt” with the material tools rigger

Surround the map, i guess then cut(not carve) out the areas where you don’t want anyone to die.

Then play around with the outputs

Thanks :D, how about a nice ocean water texture. :stuck_out_tongue:

look for nature/water_coast01. I use it all the time.