Nuke goes off in far distance

Meh… it’s shit, I know.

Effects > Gaussian Blur > Intensity 10 > :downs:

and end of the foreground building clipped out on top right

It didn’t clip, I was deleting part of the windows so you can see the background which was pretty hard.

I hate when everything is blurred, there is no place to focus on.

Too blurry, no focal point.
Also if the nuke is going off in a far distance, then why is the building he’s hiding in already destroyed. :confused:

This would be better if there weren’t blur on it, post the original like before the blur and replace it with current.



Alright here it is.

I hate to break it you but, there isn’t much special about these than filter rape.


and being incredibly half assed

What did you use paint to isolate this or something?

Seriously i could actually isolate this for you but I’m not that nice.

can’t see shit man

Despite how far away the nuke may be, I wouldn’t feel save unless I were 100 miles away.