Hey guys i should have done this awhile ago.
Ok first off if you come here and troll/flame
about us running DarkRp then leave.


So as you can tell from the banner we have:
Custom Jobs

Here are the addons that are not shown:
Css Realistc Weapons 4.0
Wire Extras

Map: We are running rp_downtown_v4c.
If you say downtown is filled with
minges or it sucks then you obviously
have not play v4c!

There are some cool jobs too. Such as
the Black Market Dealer, who can sell
things like lockpicks and keypad crackers.

This is just a brief glimpse of what
Nuclear-Gaming has to offer. So come
join our server and have some fun or
visit us at www.nuclear-gaming.net

Use Rick Darks LightRP. Better than DarkRP.

I have to say LightRP is not my favorite. People associate DarkRP with minges, this is not the case. DarkRP is a very good gamemode even though some people tend to trash talk it. I know practically every server runs DarkRP but we are striving to be the best. Also you can’t say one is better then the other because that would be an opinion. Last but not least, this thread is not for ideas. We have spent many many hours working on our server. If you would like to suggest ideas please use our forums. Thanks