nuke on map.

How can I make a button that will activate nuclear explosion on map? is that possible?

You would probably either need lua present in the map, or make all the effects with triggers/sprites/entities being triggered at different times, and sounds going off to match the explosion. Although Lua would probably be the easiest thing…

no, a particle effect would. i’ve made one before and it looked really nice.

and how do I make lua activate?

That is true, I completely forgot about particle effects as I am still trying to learn it, so far, no luck :frowning:

Foda mind adding me to steam? I could use some help lol

As I have never needed/wanted to do it I do not know how, although I am sure someone around here does. I would suggest just wait for them to post…

All you need is a particle effect, a trigger_hurt, and some ambient_generics.

Any chance on sharing? :q: