Nuke's Sweps

This a pack of weapons made by WNx_NUKE_235, I (WNx_$I-I@R|<(shark)) am only posting this thread for him because he doesn’t have a Facepunch account.

Sweps include:
AK-47 w/ GP 30
AK-47 w/ Scope
Barret .50 cal
*Browning Automatic Rifle
Colt .45
Diemaco C8
FN P90
Glock 30
*M1 Carbine
Gold Desert Eagle
*Sturmgewehr 44 (Stg44)
Thompson M1928a1
*Thompson M1A1
*M1A1 Bazooka

  • These sweps require Day of Defeat: Source to work. The others will work just fine

<=>I DO NOT TAKE CREDIT FOR MAKING THIS, only a beta,alpha and serverside testing<=>
Additional credits are in the file as well.

So your friend stole a bunch of skins and weapons, and made them LAUNCH NUKES?

Next part is for you friend.

Now, as a experienced Garrysmod player, I would really like to know WHAT GOES THROUGH YOUR MIND when you make things like these?

How is there any use for this?

I don’t see how you can make ‘realistic recoil’ for a automatic nuke launcher.

I suppose you did well managing to edit the base files, that’s the only positive about this.

No you dumb ass his name is WNx_NUKE_235 the guns shoot bullets and rocket launchers shoot

NON-nuclear rockets.

Also credits for the models and skins are in the file.

What the fuck.

What type of name is this.

Anyway, I just tried this pack of SWEPs out. They’re okay, nothing special. Just more of the same.

Nice job, your friend just edited a template!

and the fact that the pictures are copy-paste of preloaded sweps from various creators. nice way to ruin origonality

I downloaded the pack, and I like it, except for a few things.




And this:[media]

self bump

Why, oh god why?

Oh my god.

Why god WHY!