Null Gravity?

Is there a way in hammer to create an area in which the gravity could be turned off, or just set very low, just in that private area?

I’m not sure about 0 gravity but it is possible to change gravity in certain places of your map.

See here:


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for gmod, its func_gravity

Trigger_vphysics_motion has gravity settings in it. Trigger_gravity (which is I think what laptopman was referring to and is what the tutorial is referring to) works, but only for players - then again, I’ve had trouble with the trigger_vphysics_motion with player gravity, so you may need both.

Gmod has a special entity called “func_gravity” that works for everything in gmod.

Well ain’t that just dandy? There’s the answer to your problem.

Wait, does func_gravity take inputs? (particularly enable and disable?)

Ever ent can use a point_template and the kill input, so if it doesn’t, that should work

No it doesn’t, it’s a custom entity** that requires downloading, installing and distributing with the map **kindly scripted for us by silverlan and only affects players.

I wrote the article, I’d know.

Hmm, enders game Battle school :v:

i was thinking just that! its one of my favorite books…