Null's Banlist

Hi. I couldn’t find one of these, so to this thread I’ll be adding any severe minges that should be banned.
Right now, I haven’t been keeping track so I only have one. Feel free to reply with your own. I hope that server owners can utilize this and BoS (ban on sight) these steamIDs:
STEAM_0:0:29086312 - Unbanned himself, crashed server without being on, threatened to hack the files, in propkilling group

Pointless, any good owner would know not to take ID’s to ban from a random with 32 posts on FP.

I don’t see why you’re so worried about something like posts. Anyway, if you don’t wish to use this, don’t. I just want to see Garry’s Mod with a reduced number of minges.

Even though this is a dumb thread those PoKi idiots really should be banned from every server. They don’t do anything special other than aimbot and crash servers but there’s a lot of them and they have literally no lives.

Don’t worry about it flutterpie, Hyper Iguana is a sethhack user.

Do you like hunting down Sethhack users? :v:

‘Banlist’ with only one steamid on it.

Looks like somebody’s pissed off at somebody and is trying to cause him some hassle.

This being said, somebody #2 is a stranger to me and may well deserve his hassle.

SethHack is silly
And Splam, I plan on editing it and adding other major hackers/idiots.
I’m not very mad at him, seeing as that I have a stable community that can handle a flaw.

Only thing Sethhack is useful for is their ESP, great for admining. Other than that, its useless

Yeah, but an ESP isn’t worth $25

The point of my post was to suggest that, although this is not a personal attack, you don’t have the authority or reputation to create a reputable ban list. Furthermore, this ban list doesn’t contain any proof above “I said so”. Finally, even ban lists that mandate proof for entry are inherently unreliable because its overseers are corruptible and proof is arbitrary and can be manufactured.

That being said, your guy may well be guilty. However this whole ban list thing happened not too long ago, and got shot down in flames because the guy who updated it got mad at another guy and added him into the list as revenge.

I’ve already released the source code to all the features sethhack offers for “admining”.

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Nailed it.

I’m guessing that’s the one?


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