Number 6 attempts to kill Taluk

-No, you can’t have the Alien, it is in Beta.
-I made a Number 6 skin for the Alien Model.
-I heavily edited the Number 6 on its forehead because it used to be a generic white 6 with the Aliens font.
-The Predator’s blood slashes I made myself.
-fucked up the shadows on the right hand of the pred,damn
-No, the Alien’s hand is NOT clipping with the Pred’s gauntlet. There is a spot on the claws of the gauntlet the alien is resting it’s middle fingers on


Pretty boring, imo.

However, you said we cant have alien.
Can we have predator?

go ahead. Its in the releases section.

Nice posing, I loled at the perfect guard dog.

The pictures are all pretty tiny, the AA looks bad, the first one looks like butt-sex, the second one is too dark and the faceposing looks silly.


Urgh are you still using shef?

Silly faceposing?

Its smiling, its a flex. I have AA 2x on, and I can understand the dark one, no comment there.

And Aliens are all about the Buttsex :dance:

And they are tiny so you guys do not have to scroll to look at them :wink:


It’s not really enough.

The posing is pretty good themselves, i’m not too sure about the six on his head though it looks out of place (but this isn’t a skinning section its pictures) - so; the camera angles are a bit dull but atleast you make use of the space in them … Yeah.

Why the hell is the alien so damn dark?

Thats what they looks like in game.

Dark=Sneaky=Tounge in your head to communicate with your brain.

You sound like a pervert now.


FYI Number 6 is female :wink:

So the Alien is perfectly legit in her advances on the men

Thanks for the info. You sound totally normal.

No it isn’t. In game they are light enough to show some detail. Here it looks like you took its skin and turned the brightness down on it.

No to be correct I removed phong.

But, in the dark you can’t see them :wink: So all’s good.

I’m not putting phong back on it, it lags the game like hell.

And chesty, that does make it normal :stuck_out_tongue: Females advancing on males is completely normal in our society.

Hurf. Durf.

I did this for fun, after I found out 6 was a girl(WTF). I can’t get the “anime style” rosy cheeks down. Anyone care to help? I’ll upload the original.