Number Scale for Garry's Mod

So, Guide to this is. Each . = 1. Each - = 10. Each ~ = 50 and Each | = 100.
This Guide is about the Number of Servers there are. Only up to about 1900 Servers. So thats All We’ll count to. (Okay. Alot more.)

Custom Gamemodes: |||
DarkDM- I mean DarkRP: ||||||||-…
SandBox (Base Gamemode): ||||||||----…
Tiramasu (Epic, Although like WoWRP): -
Zombie Survival: | ~ —

Now, Keep in Mind that these are only Estimates.

So, Your thoughts?

uhh what?

Can’t you just use real numbers instead of pointless symbols?

are you trying to be smart because you made my butthole squeel and i couldn’t even understand

Even if he would use numbers its nothing interesting still

I swear garry make a little stats site about the servers, it had pie charts and graphs. Where did that go?

Edit:- FOUND IT :smiley:

Real numbers not crappy symbols