Numerous LS3 problems!

Recently I installed life support 3 and have started noticing some problems.
1st.Liquid nitrogen-Theres the recourse just that I cant find a nitrogen liquifier.
2nd.When I exit atmosphere I dont die…I played on a server where it was LS2 and it worked pefectly.
3rd.For some time now I have been getting a flood of messages saying “Install spacebuild addon” while I have ths pacebuild game mode installed!
Here is the list of SB related addons I have:
Petrol systems
Gas systems
Tiberium harvesting (installed today)
Tiberium recourse(I dont remember the creator tho :()
I think thats it…

What?No one wants to help me :frowning:
PS.Sorry for double post,but I realy want somone to help me =(

SVN Tutorial:
On the SVN tutorial there is a link to SnakeSVX’s Place. Go there and use the SVN tutorial to download all the addons that say “necessary” next to them.

I Downloaded every single one except or the black hole catche because I think that an infinitive catche ruins the game…