Numpad for lappys.. help

I cant access cameras and stuff becuase my laptop dont got numpad any other way?

I use the button STool or attach the external numpad I bought from eBay. I guess you could make a clientside script that gives you all the numpad buttons on the screen and you could click on them.

You can change the numpad key to normal ones, it’s not really a problem, put “i” “o” “p” “k” “l” “m” “,” “;” “:” for example.


I’m on a qwerty, so my " m " and is your " ; " and inverse.

I find this frustrating too that num lock doesn’t work. In your Gmod options you can change the binds for numpad to any other key you like.

Oh yes, or you can lose half your easy-access bindable keys.
Forgot about that option.