Numpad Issue

Hey there,

I have an issue with my numpad in GMod. And yes, I have a numpad, it’s not one of those laptop remapping questions. My problem is this:

All of my keys can be used, except for 1-9. All the surrounding keys are fully functional. I don’t know why the 1-9 number keys won’t work, as I know they have worked earlier. Does anyone know a solution to this problem?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Maybe you didn’t have num lock on.

im going to assume you did have it on, because if you diddnt, then no… just no… but anyway, it could be the fact that your keys for the number pad have become unbound. this happended to me a while back. dont ask me why it happens though. try going into your keyboard options and reseting the keys to default. then give it a try :slight_smile: