Nurse Dissection

Nurses love to dissect just about anything, and they don’t often get to study the human anatomy at such close detail. Unfortunatly for this poor girl, Nurses love to dissect live sujects. :smiley:

While I posed this pic (and I was in a particular sadistic mood when I was doing it), TheManest was kind enough to have a go at editing it. All I can say is that his skills are top notch. This picture in my opinion, looks like it came straight out of Silent Hill itself! So do give credit to him please!

It got boobs in it. Have to be good:)

No really. It’s horrible. And that I mean in a good way. Nice editing from TheManest and good posing. These things should be shoot from above.

1 Artistic delivered.


The hair isn’t so good - it looks like it is glued to her face. What’s the black stuff coming out of her stomach?

Faeces. they nicked open her colon


What? it’s a common surgical error

What the fucking christ?

Looks like some surgeons can’t do there job properly

SHit coming out of her belly button. oh lawd.

Not surgeon but dissecting, and the patient is supposed to be alive, which suggest they don’t care much for proper treatment:)

Yeah that sums Silent Hill up pretty well

It’s a bit contrast raped, other than that, good.

Cool, creepy.

and just to make it even more creepy…

alma is there watching… :confused: thanks internet now i can’t go to sleep

we just need to make a little incision here.

You might say there’s a lot of cleavage happening in this picture.

well this is disturbing

I lol’d

Yep! Zoey kinda came out looking like the grudge with all that hair, but it looks more creepy, like Silent Hill should be.

Didn’t originally have that in mind, and I still don’t think it’s ment to be shit…but it’s all good.

I’m afraid Silent Hill and Alma go hand in hand. :smiley:

Creepy shit.

Oh fucking SHIT.

I didn’t even see alma there…

compliment sandwich, bitches

the editing is lovely, it looks really grungey, horror movie-esque

zoey has too much fucking hair and it doesn’t even look like hair really

the posing is excellent


also original?

Nice pose and stuff…