Nurse walking towards man.

Silent Hill- stuff.

I spot baby

I know. It’s part of the Silent Hill. Creepy, huh?

Glow in the dark nurses?

**SHIT RUN! **

I tried to make rimlighting but i failed. :frown:

The glow in the dark makes it looks creepier-ish in some way.
No worries

Ok, thank you. :smile:

looks good wouldnt want her to treat me O.o

Needs some sort of surgeon table next to her or something.

I thought the same afterwards. Fuck.


But nice picture!

Thank you! :3: Actually monsters in Silent Hill are not zombies. They are “demon” like creatures and they are reflecting protagonists fears and feelings.
If protagonist is afraid of dogs, usually he/she meets “dog-like” enemies. :keke:

And apparently this guy is afraid of boobs :smiley:

… or zombies with knives.

No, it also has to do with inner thoughts and feelings. Doesn’t mean he’s afraid of tits, lol. Sexual frustration from the character is one of the reasons the nurses have a lot of cleavage. You’d have to read more into the games to understand the meaning behind each monster/demon.

Seems like everyone who visit Silent Hill has a fear of nurses, and pregnant women.

No. James from SH2 didn’t fear nurses: “The Bubble Head Nurse is a result of severe anxiety in James over his wife Mary’s terminal illness, along with the sexual deprivation that resulted and James’ difficulty in dealing with both. The highly sexualized figures of the nurses are created to further James’ anxiety.”
Alex from SH5: Alex believed that the nurses in the military were overly sexualized to comfort the wounded soldier.
Heather from SH3: The nurses appearance here comes from Heather’s hatred of hospitals and her memories of her painful hospitalization.

From Wikia.

Freakin hell.
Thats disgusting! :psyduck:

How so? :smug:

Well seeing veins all over her body makes me want to :psyboom: