Nut script HL2RP - How do i set it up?

So i need a bit of help setting up nutscript hl2rp just the config side of it, Get it going with all its content which i am having trouble with as i have never touched nutscript or a hl2rp game mode before, I’m not new to hl2rp just i have never set a server up.

So what I’m asking is:

How do i start adding jobs or what not?

What functions and/or content should i be adding?

How does it all work?

Any help would be brilliant, Thanks.

My steam

I have already setup the gamemode itself im asking for help with the config/content side of things

to mod config, look at framework’s config file and copy and paste modified value to schema’s config file.
for content, It’s on you.

I think he means something along the lines of ‘Getting Started’ minus the setting up server and config. I have the same problem. I hate to be a noob, but I can’t figure out how to set myself to Civil Protection for the life of me. Also, sorry for mini-necro.