Nut script SWEPs/Items issue

Hello, currently I am having an issue regarding the implementation of Fallout sweps as items to be used in NS. I made the weapon functional in game but the ammo item I created doesn’t want to apply itself to the weapon. The other issue is that the weapon, once dropped on the ground isn’t deletable and the model rolls around as if the collide box is a circle surrounding the weapon. I will post the code of the weapon and ammo below. = "9mm Pistol"
ITEM.uniqueID = "weapon_9mmpistol"
ITEM.category = "Weapons"
ITEM.model = Model("models/Halokiller38/fallout/weapons/Pistols/9mmpistol.mdl")
ITEM.class = "weapon_9mmpistol"
ITEM.type = "secondary"
ITEM.price = 5000
ITEM.desc = "Description" = {
    Equipped = false
} = "9mm Ammunition"
ITEM.desc = "A small black metal magazine for the 9mm pistol."
ITEM.base = "base_ammo"
ITEM.uniqueID = "a_13_9mmpistol"
ITEM.ammo = "AirboatGun"
ITEM.amount = 13
ITEM.model = Model( "models/Items/BoxSRounds.mdl" )