Nutscript 1.1 - Come back, It's Good now and it's free.

NutScript is a free role-play gamemode framework created by Chessnut and Black Tea za rebel1324. It basically allows you to create other role-play gamemodes quickly and easily.
Nuscript 1.1 had handful of issues. But, In 2017, Black Tea Za Korean fuccboi has returned from the Hell Hole between South Korea and North Korea, He’s ready to fix all of Nutscript’s issue and add plenty of cool things for Royal Nutscript Supporters,
The bugs will be get fixed.
The plugins will be added more.
The performance will be optimized.
So, stay tuned. I’m here to help you.

NutScript 1.1 comes with a whole new set of features. This includes:
• Better performance
• Improved UI look
• Improved stability(?)
• Tetris style inventory (
• In-game server configuration
• Better animation system
• Better organization of files
• Users can now choose their languages
• And more!

Developers need documentation! Yes, Chessnut. But we didn’t have one.
It’s late.
But I’m creating Nutscript Developer Wiki where has plenty of informations of Nutscript Framework.
It’s still work in progress. But, It will be the something you can rely on when the hard time comes with developing your own schema.

For information about the framework, try visiting the:
New Nutscript Developer Wiki
Video Tutorial Series
Change List (very old)

NutScript 1.1 has been released with the MIT license to promote more freedom for use!
Yes. So Stop asking me if you can sell your schema to other people.

Check out the official website which includes the forums at:
Or chat with other developers at:
I’m currently monitoring the more frequently. If you want to contact me quick, I suggest you to use

Found a bug? Post it here:
It will get fixed, But I need to manage old posts in the issue thread.

Official Discord:

Download: NEW Updated GitHub

More schema will be revealed in June to July. So, Give me some time.
I’ll present you Zombie Schema and CityRP schema with Quality Control.

Do you think you will continue updating the “ModernRP Schema”?

Make NutScript great again. We’ve waited for it and now it’s here!! :incredible:


Of course, There is a test server for my new schema for release.
My friend is hosting it.[/thumb]

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Just like I said before, Not all of those things going to be released.
Few of them are private scripts. But, things on the schema, like those vending machines are going to be released.
Also, Don’t fall into the disappointment. There also will be “serious” City RP.

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If you’re interested in zombie, You also have some choice for that!

Unlike CityRP, things in that Zombie RP, all of them will be released with the schema.

Beautiful work, happy to see some new updates coming in!

I love watching new NutScript’s work

Hey so I’ve been having this problem where when I load up a schema for Nutscript 1.1 on a dedi server on my computer and connect to it. It doesn’t show me the main menu for nutscript. Is there a known solution for this?



Been waiting for the update, great work as usual!

nutscript will rise again

did you really get stationed at the dmz holy shit dude

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make a schema about assassinating kim jong un

Great stuff!

And on the third day, god took a rest.

And realized he forgot about Nutscript.

So god made Black Tea.

A gift from the RP heavens :v:

Well, I see inventory has no problem
But I see there is plenty of problems with the bags
shit mate, I gotta fix this
Going to fix this problem. It will be solved within a week.

I may be the only one having this but using the CW 2.0 weapons is bugged. Every time I shoot a gun, it replaces the bullet in the gun but still shoots, and I don’t have to reload. Happens with every gun, so far…
Also attaching a mod is in a different language, the button…

Oops, lemme do my job.
I think I forgot to replace korean characters to language function.

Also, If you give me the video of bug, I can figure it out.
Afaik, There is no error with CW 2.0. It is perfectly fine.

Please, forgive me :frowning:
I’m running the dev server in South Korea with 40 people to fix all bugs and good plugins for Nutscript.
Translating and testing is more required.

Also, You need to make sure that you’re using my new NS 1.1

Can Nutscript 1.1 hold 60 people without server freaking out?

Name it Nut 1.2 :v:

Didn’t NS 1.1 hold like 120 people at one point with LazarusRP