Nutscript CityRP - Start your new life!

Hello everyone, I am Black Tea Za rebel1324, the co-creator of the roleplay framework Nutscript 1.1. Since the absence of the Chessnut in the Garry’s Mod scene, I took over the project recently to complete Nutscript 1.1 and polish it for more popularity.

When I revived the project, I promised few high-quality schemas that would give Nutscript 1.1 developers get started on creating their own unique and fun roleplay servers. So after months of hard work, here it is. I know it’s not that “Serious Schema” you might have been hoping for, but I really wanted to let them know Nutscript 1.1 is not just for serious roleplay, It can be anything you wish.

I proudly announce the newest Nutscript 1.1 official schema, CityRP.

It’s designed specifically for roleplay done by the players. This means it’s not just going to be buying things and crafting for levels and money. The design is actually based on the trade between you and the other players. You don’t have to sit in a room to make money, you actually earn money by selling your goods to other players. The schema has a ton to offer in the economy and trading department. However, I have not completely stripped all of the NPC interaction. You can still setup CityRP for NPC based roleplay. This schema has massive potential for anything you desire, all the decisions are up to you.

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This is completely optional, but if you do want to support me and my work, you may do so here. I’m offering this here because some people asked me how to donate.

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Public Development Test Server

I have a question for you rebel1324 i see its a public test. but any eta on the release?

In few days. The Public Test is for releasing stable version for you guys.

I’ve been waiting for this masterpiece. Can’t wait to test it out!

This will surely bring dead Korean RP community to life.

Can’t wait to participate, this looks amazing.

o shit y r u using my aids car dealer
looks dank tho

Here, I’ll drop one of those quotes you can post places to convince people to come.

“Wow! This is absolutely stunning!” -Pilot 2017

I am really glad to see nutscript coming back very strong with this new schema you make fantastic work I can always look forward to so thank you.

Amazing work, as always.

Excellent work, only shooting starts can break the mold.

Amazing, just amazing.

Seems like discord channel was attacked by some kind of trolls.

Managed. We had some people like that before but we likely to keep people like that away from the devleoper discord.

Do I need to know korean to play?

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It’s fine, I just want to play Gmod RP again, I’ll start learning korean now.

i learned korean in preparation for this


CityRP is now more stable and it’s near to release.
I’m currently eliminating unfinished korean translations and trying to merge suit system but unfortunately, Suit system is not going to be shipped with initial commit.[/thumb]

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Looks really amazing. Nice job! :slight_smile: