Nutscript/Clockwork server populace

Hello! So… I currently have an issue with my playerbase, they honestly do not understand that a schema change will result in us moving Gmod directors from Cw: Half life 2 rp to NS HL2rp, So is there a way I can remain on the CW directory until I show them the difference what both schemas are? and then have them history tabbed? Please help as I want to convert to ns but do not want to lose my current player base.

I also have a question about Nutscript as an entirety? Is the schema more… Optimized or stable for maps such as C17i? as it is a generally laggy map as is, and clockwork itself is just a horrid schema with little to no optimization.

Clockwork and NutScript are frameworks, not schemas. HL2 RP is a schema that both of them have. NutScript is better in terms of stability. Yes, you can change NutScript to show up as Clockwork, but really, it’s just not right, and a bit disrespectful. You should do what the majority of your players want. If you upset a majority of your players by making big decisions against their wishes, you may find your players quitting.

That’s just it. They all are starting to hate clockwork, and they want to try Nutscript, but they don’t understand that it does not appear under the directory, I placed nutscript up and they couldn’t find the server, except like four people, (most are new players/group of friends, private rp, I’m not trying to make a server for others to join, it’s a server to just… rp and hang out on.) But I don’t want to keep it on nutscript if they can’t even find it. So I’m just trying to appease them temporarily until I make a guide or something for them.

Ah. I thought that they hated NutScript and didn’t want to change. I haven’t got a clue about what could be causing this, but good luck with your community.

Sigh. Thanks anyways I suppose.


nevermind, the less servers that do that the better.

If anyone is willing to help out, Cause I need this for a day at most. So it’d be nice if I could get it and then change it back after. Just pm it to me.

I think there is still an issue with regions and the Steam master server, so that could be the cause.

Can you elaborate on this theory a bit?