NutScript - Doors and Vendors not saving?

I’ve been developing a lovely Nutscript server, and once I transferred from a local host to a dedicated host, things started getting complicated…

I cannot be for sure, but after testing a lot of possibilities, I’m almost sure host is not letting doors and vendors save. I ruled out the possibility of it being an addon, by launching the gamemode without any addons. I’ve hindered this problem for quite a few days now and have come to a complete dead end. Does anyone know where nutscript saves data on doors and vendors? Could a file be blocked on my host? Whenever I restart the server or load a new map, is when the existing vendors and doors disappear. Doors become unowned and vendors vanish.

-norestart -console -game garrysmod -nohltv -condebug +maxplayers 32 +ip -port 27085 +exec "server.cfg" +gamemode starwarsrp +host_workshop_collection 823793075 -authkey MYAPI +map "rp_nar_shaddaa_v3" +fps_max 66

My Server.cfg

logging          	on
hostname         	"Rhosigma | Serious Imperial RP | NutScript | 5 BBY"
rcon_password    	"MYPASS"
//Execute ban files
exec banned_ip.cfg
exec banned_user.cfg

sv_alltalk 3	
sv_voiceenable 1
sv_loadingurl ""

Ah, once you set all your doors and vendors change the nutscript data file permissions to read only or you could switch to using MySQL.