Nutscript Factions/Class Errors

Hi, So i am working on a Nutscript server, and I am trying to set up Factions and Classes. I have set almost everything ok. But this Bullshit is coming up.
[ERROR] gamemodes/hl2rp/schema/classes/sh_nva.lua:12: attempt to call field ‘HookVar’ (a nil value)

The script is here as shown, and the root of the problem is god damn HookVar. = “Viet Cong”
CLASS.faction = “FACTION_N”
function CLASS:OnSet(client)
client:SetModel(“addons/COD PM/models/codbo/vietnam/viet1.mdl”,
“addons/COD PM/models/codbo/vietnam/vietcong1.mdl”,
“addons/COD PM/models/codbo/vietnam/vietcong3.mdl”,
“addons/COD PM/models/codbo/vietnam/vietcong4.mdl”)
CLASS_nva = CLASS.index

if (SERVER) then
nut.char.HookVar (“charname”, “recruitRanks”, function(character) <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<<<
local client = character.player

if (IsValid(client) and client:Team() == FACTION_N and string.find(character:GetVar(“charname”), “RCT.”)) then

I Have Messed around with hookvar, and noticed that it changes when i remove it, so its fucking everything up. I also have Put in playermodels and thought this was the source of the problem. I will Post again to see if that isnt the case. Thanks!

What is HookVar? Can you post where you got this documentation from?

Are you using 1.1 or 1.0?

You can find most of it here

function nut.char.hookVar(varName, hookName, func)
nut.char.varHooks[varName] = nut.char.varHooks[varName] or {}

nut.char.varHooks[varName][hookName] = func


I have no clue what hookvar is doing there, All i need is for Players to choose their name in the Menu screen, and for the Playermodels to work. thats all I need. We had a Dev, and this is probobly Somthing she changed. All i need is a Line that allows players to change their names, and playermodel in the menu. After Clicking NVA. The Class Prompt Is from the class page, and i have been trying to get the Factions to work, but that error kept coming up. Literally Need players to choose their NAMES AND PLAYERMODEl. Is there a Class That someone Can Send me or Put up that Will do that?

I wanted to make the NVA So they have COD BO Playermodels, and Literally Just like Citizen. Just with playermodels.

So it looks like it should be hookVar in this case?

Well it looks like he is using 1.0 code in NutScript 1.1, which is the reason why he is getting nil errors. So it should be nut.char.hookVar()