NutScript - Fallout 3 Schema


why don’t you code the sweps and what not yourself?

Why code my own when there are some publicly out there and as long as I credit them ?

because this seems like you just took some addons and threw it together into a schema

I coded the jobs, HUD and had to add gun scrips in so that the schema can use it…so don’t tell me I “Threw together addons”. just because you can code from scratch does not mean the rest of us have to, Have a nice day. :slight_smile:

chill man, I didn’t mean to offend or piss you off. I can tell you put effort into it, but I think the extra mile would have really made this gamemode pop out from the rest.

Sorry man, I will sure as hell be updating this a lot over the next few weeks…if you could lend a hand with plugins or ideas I’d much appreciate it. Just put this version up because I was getting harassed by like 20 + People to put it up for download on here.

if you need help just add me on steam buddy :slight_smile:

Are you feeling okay?!

Thanks man, It will be an honor to have a Lua master like yourself on my friends list :wink: I sent a request.

What is the difference between this and Sants’s?

Change that to coded all the weapons, and ammo, also added cl_hud and cl_legs.

Well just to clear that up, so there probably isn’t that much of a difference since he coded a large proportion of this gamemode too :stuck_out_tongue: It seemsonly changed the factions and maybe some minor edits.

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I’d just like to further say that this gamemode is barely even a release since its 90% or more of 's work on framework.

It is set in the fallout 3 universe, it has only fallout 3 weapons, it has fallout 3 custom factions, it will b updated with new features each week and also it has a different color scheme. That answer your question?

Please change the credits for me.

In the credit’s I said that I used his codeing as a reference…alright…I even asked his permission and he said ok so long as I credit him. Hope that clears any further related questions up.

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Think what you want, But I disagree.

Care to enlighten everyone to the code that you actually made for this schema then? Other than adding / removing factions?

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Judging from the OP, you added halokillers weapons if they weren’t already included, you added Fayz_Golden’s HUD so that isn’t exactly custom either if its from his Fallout Schema and you added 2 new factions. In addition, you didn’t even add yourself to the credits.

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Another edit after reading through some of the previous posts more thoroughly, you claim to have coded the HUD and “gun scripts” yourself but you then went on to agree that it was actually Fayz_Golden’s coding and you even credited him with it with what I see as an ungreatful remark of “changed at users request” like it’s causing you problems to edit some text to someone you owe thanks to.

Furthermore, you say that this is different to Sants1’s fallout schema because you’re is set in the fallout 3 universe; this is a valid point to note but either way they are both set in the Fallout universe and this isn’t exactly a feature. In addition to that you say that you will later change the colour of the HUD as a feature which to me is barely a feature and more something that should be included by default. It isn’t exactly hard to change some values for the colour of the HUD which further supports the fact that you did not code it and you got it off of Fayz_Golden as the NV HUD is orange by default and the FO3 HUD is green by default - Not exactly hard to do.

Well this project started out as me only looking to see how his code worked in conjunction with NutScript but I suppose now that I think about it I will just redo all of it from scratch.

Well this escalated quickly, I think I killed the thread. :v:
And I’d like to draw further attention to the butthurt.

Why can’t you admit that it isn’t your work rather than saying things like “apparently” when you’ve admitted it? Anyways, I’m sure this will be forgotten about and if you produce some quality work and release in a few weeks I’m sure we will be impressed; Keep trying.

I think we’re missing the point that someone created a FORP schema with little ease.