Nutscript HL2RP - Give owner/admin rank


So I recently installed the HL2RP gamemode ( ) off the framework ‘NutScript’ ( ). (*Note: This is not Clockwork HL2RP).

After installing, it runs great and works as it should. The only issue I am experiencing is giving myself the usergroup of ‘Admin’ or ‘Owner’. I cannot seem to be able to find a command to do so, or an option in the configuration file. I followed the setup video made by the developer, but it indicated no way to set a group. I know that usergroups are set-able due to it saying “You are currently in the ‘user’ group of the server.” when I join.

This may seem like a stupid question, my apologies if I overlooked a simple part of the gamemode.

Any help is greatly appreciated,


Best place to get advice for this sort of thing is the NutScript thread:

So any future questions, probably best to ask it there. Still, since this thread exists, might as well answer it!

In order to set yourself as the owner, you’ll need to type into the server console

nut_setowner <yourname>

while connected to the server, then it should give you the owner rank.