Nutscript or Clockwork?

Honest opinons - should I use nutscript or clockwork.

Please provide why xD.

Nutscript; free and has a well-documented API for creating frameworks. I believe with clockwork you have to pay a fee just to change the code.

The following is my opinion.
Please dont judge me.

Quality = ClockWork
Customizability = Nutscript

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NutScript is fast and lightweight, and fairly well optimized.
From what I’ve heard about clockwork, it has weird and shady authentication methods.
also isn’t free.

Clockwork is far from Quality, its outdated and slow, it costs but has from the looks of it the most playerbase (for what ever reason)

NutScript is your best chance.

When it comes to which one is easier to use and modify, there really isn’t much of a difference.

NutScript is free and open-source, Clockwork isn’t free and relies on a DRM module. To make your own schema for Clockwork you need to pay $10 for a developer key, and to run one of the already existing schemas you have to buy them for $30 a pop. A lot of Clockwork’s code is encrypted so that people can’t steal it or work around it. If you decide to use one of the outdated leaked copies (the latest leaked version being 0.88, Clockwork is currently on version 0.93) Conna will most likely send you a DMCA takedown notice.

Really, NutScript has essentially all the features Clockwork has, plus it’s entirely free and open-source. The only thing Clockwork excels slightly at is that it looks a bit fancier (then again, it doesn’t really look that much fancier).

Clockwork seems to have most of the GMod RP playerbase because Conna used to have a monopoly on RP gamemodes, and in a way he still kinda does.

NS 1.1 is superior in every fashion except maybe UI design (which may have changed since I looked a year ago). It runs faster and is more optimised, the featureset is broader and best of all it’s 100% open source.

As Jocken said, Conna fully intends to sell you this “quality” rhetoric to keep the userbase.

I would go with NutScript, It’s full of features. I have made a few NS plugins and it’s relly easy. And you do not have to wait 1 year on Clockwork support. :wink:

Mind pm’ing me <3

Anyone else have an input?

Nutscript, by far.

Why’s that?

Chessnut doesn’t try to rip you of your money just because you’re using what he made

Anyone else got any comment on this?

You look like you already made up your mind. You’re looking for someone to recommend CW because you’re Impulsing to buy it. You’re gonna go with CW anyway, why ask us? You know we were all gonna say Nutscript.

Uhh guys. Conna didn’t make Clockwork, Alex Grist did all the work- Conna made OpenAura, which was the predecessor. He just profits from it because he’s an ass.

It seems you already made up your mind, so i would recommend Catherine instead.

You can bypass clockwork protection and force developer mode by editing two characters with IDA, and you can get the debug infos using linux.

(Or just rewrite the functions)

I have a copy of clockwork lel. Not going to use it because it looks like a piece of shit tbh. Anyway - Nutscript it is.

DarkRP seems more up your alley