Nutscript Zombie Faction

Some Zombie Faction Plugin For Nutscript
First of all, excuse me if I did something wrong, I’m quite new to this forum and do not use forums that often in general.

So, I was planning on hosting a server myself, but then my PC broke and I needed to invest the money in other ways.
I had alot of stuff developed already when this happened, and I thought, why not make this stuff public so it was not a total waste of time.
Please note that this is not finished, but I suppose I can finish this so everyone can use it efficiently.
Also, there are no headcrabs on the zombies heads, use PAC for now, I might add that later though.
So be sure to check this thread from time to time if you wanna use this.
Note that this is for Nutscript 1.1 and only tested on default HL2RP. Also, it has not been tested on a server with other players, just on a local server.
And no, it does not work with c(l)ockwork, and TF2 should be mounted as client (red_uber is part of the zombie hud), but everyone has TF2 anyway.

What it does:
Adds a zombie faction (duh)
(btw, all of the below can be disabled seperately)
-Zombies can’t run nor crouch, they walk at a speed of about 40 (like NPC’s)
-Random zombie idle sounds played from time to time (randomized times)
-Footsteps (So epic err meh gewd!)
-Pain/Ded Sounds
-Red-dish hud
-Preset Names (eg. “Bloody Zombie”, can be set to only say “Zombie”, prenames can be edited manually.)
-Whatever they say IC will be printed out as “Blorgh” or something like that. (The words they say can be edited)
-Zombies see with increased brightness, allowing them to see a little bit better in the dark. (Not gamebreaking though, and therefore they almost can’t see any other color than red.)

What is missing:
-Zombies can still open doors
-A Zombie attack weapon, when you raise the default fists, the animation of the zombie stops.
-Maybe a way so only zombies can understand what zombies say? -Although that would be unrealistic, cause Zombies can’t think.
-Headcrabs. Use PAC for now I suppose, there are none on the default models.
-Torso Zombies
-Fast Zombies
-The poison zombie has no headcrabs on his back, and I am not sure if you can even implement this correctly.

Here is what being a zombie looks like:

Note that you can configure how red the screen normally is, aswell if it should draw at all, and if the Invuln overlay should be drawn.

Direct DL::

I recommend using this plugin I made in quickly because the original “viewbob” addon by black tea doesn’t seem to work for me (or for NS 1.1, I don’t know):
Direct DL:
It creates a clockwork-like view sway, which intensifies for zombies. (It has effect on all players though.)

This should be self-explainatory. Simply copy “zombies” into your plugins folder of your schema. Same goes for “viewsway”, if you want to give it a try.

If you think this is shit or I should change anything send me a pm or something.
And, if you like it, be sure to check back here when I got the zombie swep finished.
Also, if Chessnut or Black Tea want me to take this down, I will, no questions asked.

Have a nice day :3

why not, for the ‘classic’ zombie at least, use models/player/zombie.mdl (i think that’s it, or zombie_classic.mdl something like that)? nutscript has specific support for those animations to make them work better, and have a ‘headcrab’ bodygroup so PAC isn’t necessary