Nutz's Massive Skull Build

Dropping a few pics here of a massive build one of my players Nutz did the other week before the coming forced wipe sees it gone forever (or until she builds it again). Took multiple people about 3 full days to do, 21 stories high and really tests your computer specs out when it is rendering but was well worth it to see the finished product, pics really don’t do it justice!

That’s pretty boss. Is it livable or purely decorative?

Is this minecraft? o.O

But good job! :slight_smile:

Purely decorative. Sometimes players come to us with ideas for a build they want to try and do and we are quite happy to accommodate it as a sanctioned server build so in that case they wouldn’t be allowed to use it as a base anyway.

The sheer amount of pillars required + stability system means it isn’t really livable unless you wanted to go hobo and live on the top, or you have a fetish for pillars, lol. if you had no stability then you could do it without pillars and make a base out of it.

Hey Nex…here are the ones I got. Hawk will have to load his when he finishes messing around in that OTHER game mumbles about infidelity
Anyhoo…wanted to take the opportunity to say a HUGE thankyou to Nex, Hawk and Carlos for all the help though creating this monster…caused a few crosseyed moments but totally worth it!! Be warned, Ive modified the design and Im so doing this again!!

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Thanks :slight_smile:
Not minecraft but a lego creation adapted to rust. Had to give it a go!

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it is hollow on the inside and I wanted to leave it open for members to go up inside it, but didn’t think we had time to reo the pillars and didn’t want anyone shooting them so built in a bottom level :slight_smile:
Next one is going to be open…I hope lol

Good Stuff :slight_smile: